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Details about the AWS credits and discount

$5,000 or $25,000 AWS Credits valid for 2 years. 1 year AWS Business Support (up to $5,000) This benefit is only available for startup founders that meet approval requirements. Not valid for India. MAKE SURE YOUR F6S PERSONAL & TEAM PROFILES ARE COMPLETE SO WE CAN CONFIRM ELIGIBILITY
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Up to $25,0000 AWS Credits
About Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services provides startups with low cost, easy to use infrastructure needed to scale and grow any size business. AWS Activate is a program with resources designed to help startups get started on AWS. Join some of the fastest-growing startups in the world and build your business using AWS.
AWS credits activation reviews
Abayomi Oladipupo
Was awesome, I was given total sum of $6500 5000 for services 1500 for support service
Ashish Kushwaha
I appreciate this deal. I have got $5500 credit from amazon and this will be very helpful for us to do build the application. Thanks you F6S and Amazon. Regards, Ashish
Wong Andrew
$25k of AWS Web Hosting is a great deal from the world's leading cloud hosting provider.
Suru Avoseh
Great for startup to get onboard on the AWS and also start developing amazing platform
Sunday Adeyemi
Received $5,000 in AWS credits! We will be able to bring our product to market much faster with the ability to test and build without all of the out of pocket expense. Thanks Objective Reality Games
Robert Kohn
THANK YOU AWS! You know when they say it is too good to be true?! Well in this case it really was. Will greatly help our company. Thanks!
Olamigoke Olabampe
Great deal thanks
Mark Phillips
It's a really great deal to help me grow my business or anyone who tries to start a idea like me but cannot afford the price for a server. AWS will help me a lot. Thanks
lex bunnetat
It was fast and super easy to apply we got approved in less than 10 days. Thanks to the team at F6S...
Cem Ulker
It's a great opportunity for start-ups to accomplish their goals by saving a reasonable amount of money from the server-side and focus on perfecting their product or service.
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How to redeem AWS credits
F6S provides AWS Hosting discounts. It’s easy to redeem the AWS credits, deals, discounts, vouchers, coupons and promo codes. You just click on the AWS Hosting deal you want and you will receive instructions on redeeming the deal or discount through a voucher, coupon, promo code, email redemption or a web form. You can get access to many other discounts - not just AWS Hosting vouchers and coupons - from a variety of tech, lifestyle and other deals, discounts and vouchers that help you run your company and grow your product or service.
Frequently Asked Questions
Is AWS Hosting offering any coupons or AWS credits?
AWS Hosting does offer AWS credits, coupons, discounts, vouchers and promo codes. There is a current AWS Hosting deal on F6S that you can redeem for free to get a AWS Hosting discount. You can get upto $5,000 or $25,000 AWS credits which is valid for 2 years.
How to get AWS Hosting coupons or AWS credits?
AWS Hosting coupons or AWS credits are available to cut the cost of using AWS Hosting. The coupons can be redeemed by clicking on the AWS Hosting deal page on F6S. AWS Hosting then sends you a voucher, coupon, promo code, email redemption or a link to a web form where you can redeem the coupon. Your AWS Hosting coupon discount is usually available right away, although there can be a review period. It’s important to make sure to use an email address you can easily access so that you can communicate with F6S or AWS Hosting about the promo code coupon, voucher or web form approval process.
Can I get AWS Hosting discount vouchers or AWS credits?

Yes, AWS hosting provides discount vouchers or AWS credits. You can go to the F6S Deals area to redeem a AWS hosting discount voucher as follows:

  • Find the AWS hosting discount voucher you want
  • Click on the ‘Get Deal’ link where AWS hosting discounts are listed
  • You’ll receive a discount voucher, coupon, promo code, email or link to a web form for approval right away
  • Follow the instructions on the AWS hosting discount voucher page to redeem your discount
How to use the AWS Hosting promo code to get AWS credits?
AWS Hosting promo codes are applied to your AWS Hosting account directly. After you click ‘Get Deal’ on the AWS Hosting F6S page, you’ll see directions in your web browser. These specific instructions on redeeming the AWS Hosting discount will also be sent to your email address. Where you can get $5,000 or $25,000 AWS Promotional credits which is valid for 2 years Make sure to review any terms on the AWS Hosting F6S page for the AWS Hosting deal to make sure it will apply to your AWS Hosting account.
What is an AWS credit?
Amazon Web Services offers AWS credits as a promotional offer. These credits can be utilised for AWS services.
How do I get AWS credits?
There are several ways to get AWS credits. The following are a list of some of the ways to get AWS credits: 
  • AWS Activate
    AWS Activate provides startups with numerous advantages, such as AWS credits to help them grow their company.
  • AWS Activate Founders
    AWS Activate Founders is a startup program built to help businesses with free tools and professional support.
  • AWS Activate Portfolio
    Startups that are associated with an accelerator, investor or other Activate provider can join the AWS Active Portfolio that was created to assist startups in building and growing their businesses by providing no-cost services as well as expert assistance.
  • Publish an Alexa Skill
    If you’re a developer, there’s a chance here to get promotional credit. Learn some Alexa skills and free AWS credits are sometimes available.
  • AWS Marketplace
    If you're interested in cloud-based security and networking solutions on the AWS Marketplace, you can receive AWS promotional credits.
  • AWS Webinars & Events
    Attend AWS related webinars and events which sometimes make promotional AWS credits available to selected participants.
  • AWS Educate
    An institution teaching cloud computing can help educators and students earn promotional AWS credits as part of the educational experience using AWS products.
  • AWS EdStart
    AWS hopes to provide companies with the resources needed to start their journey as fast and as easily as they can using AWS.
  • AWS Free Tier
    AWS Free Tier offers free AWS services with free trials for, 12 months free and Always free.
  • AWS for Nonprofits & NGOs
    • AWS Credit Program for Nonprofits
      To qualify for the AWS credit program for Nonprofits, you must have valid 501(c)(3) nonprofit status or be listed in the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) database. You can avail a grant of upto $1,000
    • AWS Imagine Grant Program
      The AWS Imagine Grant Program is provided as an opportunity for organisations to prioritise technology as a vital element of their projects.
    • AWS Cloud Credits for Research
      The AWS Public Sector Cloud Credit for Research Program assists researchers seeking to:
      • Create cloud-hosted publicly available science-as a-service app
      • Conduct proof of concept or benchmark tests to evaluate the efficiency shifting research work, or large data collections to cloud storage
      • Get a wider community educated about the benefits of cloud to support research by facilitating tutorials or workshops