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Free CRM Software | F6S Pipeline CRM
CRM Software Review | F6S Pipeline CRM CRM Software Review | F6S Pipeline CRM CRM Software Review | F6S Pipeline CRM CRM Software Review | F6S Pipeline CRM


Manage your deal flow and find new companies

Search & capture startup companies in a customizable deal flow software that adjusts to your workflow

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  • Flexible like a spreadsheet
  • Enhances your data
  • Add columns to adapt to your workflow


Collaborate with your team - from 2 to 10 thousand using just one deal flow CRM

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  • Unlimited team members
  • Powerful access control
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Cut the noise with F6S Scouting

F6S Scouting Analysts connect you to the startups you want

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Get network intros

Discover who you know that knows a founder, investor or startup based on your Gmail history & F6S connections

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Capture startup & founder connections directly from Gmail

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F6S deal flow CRM is the leading
deal flow management software globally

CRM Software Review | F6S Pipeline CRM CRM Software Review | F6S Pipeline CRM CRM Software Review | F6S Pipeline CRM CRM Software Review | F6S Pipeline CRM



What is deal flow management? 

Think of startup deal flow management as a sales funnel where the sale moves through various stages and a close is a successful investment, rather than a commercial contract. A deal flow CRM is essential to track all of your deals as they flow through each stage to a potential close/investment. Investing and finding startup deals that you want to invest in is a complex process involving the companies, investors, and other parties over an extended period of deal flow conversations. It’s easy to lose the status of a given deal, which is why the right deal flow CRM is essential. A deal flow management system simplifies the investment deal process so you can focus on the hard part of identifying and closing amazing startup deals.

How do you use deal flow management software?

Managing deal flow is a complex process that requires tracking many contacts, individual deals, documents, and communications. It becomes difficult to manage as you scale towards tens of deals instead of a single deal. Deal flow management software helps you organize your deals and all related data and communications to make scaling deal flow possible. There are multiple deal flow management software solutions in use, ranging from simple spreadsheets to complex custom solutions that require a horde of expensive consultants.

Choosing the deal flow management software that’s right for you requires a good match between the deal flow management system capabilities and what the people in your organization doing deal flow need in order to make the best investment decisions. F6S provides one of the leading deal flow management systems, suitable for both the high volume and low volume deal flow use cases. F6S deal flow relies on the largest global platform for startups and founders, which drives thousands of successful deals to close through the F6S platform’s deal flow software.

What is a deal flow CRM? 

A deal flow CRM gives investors, venture capitalists, funds and family offices the ability to scale, collaborate and manage deal flow using a deal flow management tool built for that purpose. Building a full-funnel from lead to qualified investment prospect and finally, invested company, is a complex process that requires a deal flow CRM to manage and track the large amount of deal flow data generated. Time is a crucial factor, as the deal flow CRM should allow tracking of deal flow that is not suitable for investment now, but may become suitable at a later date based on progress of the company in the deal flow funnel. In short, deal flow CRMs are customized platforms that help investors identify and track companies in which they may wish to invest.

How can investors and venture capitalists use a deal flow CRM?

Investors and VCs use a deal flow CRM to identify and manage companies at various stages of the deal flow funnel. The deal flow CRM can also be used as a repository of documentation and due diligence materials related to these potential deal transactions and investments. Deal flow CRMs allow investors and VCs to increase productivity by organizing their deals in a single place, accessible to co-investors and others that need access to the deal data.