Do I have to refile previous year’s accounts to claim R&D tax credits for those previous years?

You don’t need to refile annual accounts unless you spot an error in those accounts. This error might be if you’ve forgotten to include an R&D expense. You would then need to refile these accounts to show the missing cost(s) in order to include it within an R&D claim.

If you have already submitted your tax returns then you will need to refile these in order to claim R&D tax credits, or if you are amending a previous years’ R&D claim. Our specialist team will refile your tax returns on your behalf including the R&D figures you are claiming back, so you don’t need to refile them yourself

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You can claim R&D tax credits for backdated past years if done correctly. Our R&D tax credits advisory service gives Your company the right guidance to make a risk-free claim that maximises how much you get back and help your business with prompt R&D cash or a tax reduction.

F6S can help with your R&D claim