How far back can you claim R&D tax credits?

You can apply for tax credits with your annual tax return submission, and HMRC also allows businesses to apply for tax credits through an amended tax return if you’ve already filed your original.

The time restriction for claiming research and development (R&D) tax credits is two years from the end of your accounting period. So if your accounting period ends on 31 December 2023, you’ll have until 31 December 2025 to submit a claim for that period. The idea is that HMRC allows 24 months after the end of your accounting period to amend a corporation tax return so you have the same length of time to amend a return including an R&D claim. 

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You can claim R&D tax credits for backdated past years if done correctly. Our R&D tax credits advisory service gives Your company the right guidance to make a risk-free claim that maximises how much you get back and helps your business with prompt R&D cash or a tax reduction.

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