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Our R&D Tax Credits calculator gives you an estimate of how much cash back or tax credit you could get from HMRC. You can get the cash back or credit amount with the R&D tax calculations for an SME or large company, and for companies that make either a profit or loss.

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How are R&D Tax Credits calculated? 

The first step is to identify whether a company is an SME or a large company as the claim changes significantly depending on the answer. 

  • An SME has staff of fewer than 500 people and has annual turnover of less than £100,000,000, or less than £86,000,000 in gross assets. 
  • A large company has staff of more than 500 people and has annual turnover of more than £100,000,000, or more than £86,000,000 in gross assets. 

How are R&D Tax Credits calculated for SMEs or startups?

Small and medium enterprises can claim back up to 33% of research and development expenditure in cash. The percentage you claim back can vary and depends on several factors. Here are some scenarios that will affect your claim:

  • Up to 33% repayment for loss-making companies
  • Up to 26% repayment for profit-making companies
  • Up to 18% repayment for companies breaking even

How are R&D Tax Credits calculated for large companies in RDEC?

Large companies can claim R&D Tax Credits of up to 11% under the Large Company Scheme, also called research and development expenditure credit (RDEC). Anyone that does not fall into the definition of an SME is considered a large company for R&D Tax Credit calculations. Trading losses can be surrendered (i.e. not brought forward to reduce future taxable profits) for a tax credit equal to 11% of the surrendered amount.

What doesn't the R&D tax calculator consider? 

Although the R&D tax calculator is a useful tool, there are few things it won't consider while calculating your R&D tax credits, such as: 

  • Grant funding 
  • Qualifying R&D costs
  • The number of a company's project that can qualify for an R&D tax relief scheme
  • A company's balance sheet
  • The structure of a company's business

A consultation with a R&D tax specialist is helpful to dig into potential issues or opportunities to increase R&D tax relief.

How can F6S help you get more in R&D tax credit? 

A professional experienced R&D tax consultant can dramatically increase the amount you get back in your R&D tax claim. F6S has experience from thousands of successful R&D claims that can identify solutions to increase your tax relief and make sure that you claim for all eligible expenses. Also, a mistake on your R&D tax calculations, narrative or supporting documents can trigger an inquiry or other HMRC action. The most common result is the reduction of how much you can get back in R&D tax relief, but more serious sanctions have been known to occur.

Get a free consultation to make sure you identify any R&D Tax Credit issues in your claim.

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