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How do startups hire the best talent on F6S? 

Startups grow on talent as much as money. Hiring the right talent for a job is the leading problem reported by F6S Founders - it’s tough to find the right person for the job regardless of budget. Recruiting top talent for a job, starting with the founding team, is the key success indicator for early stage startups as well as the primary bottleneck reported by funded startups at the scaling stage. F6S is a top platform that connects startup founders to hire the best talent for jobs. Free F6S membership also helps startups connect with funding and grants to pay their new talent in jobs, and helps startups get into startup support programs like accelerators. 

Free job listings

F6S job listings are free. There’s no charge for employers to add a job listing for talent to connect with you and make job submissions. The F6S job listings attract more than 250,000 qualified job candidates from our 4 million profile strong community. F6S connects startup employers to talent for free. F6S is more than just a job listing platform. The F6S community connects you as a startup employer to more than 250,000 job candidates seeking a startup job. We’re focussed on connecting each employer's free job listing to the right job candidates. It’s quality over quantity - helping startup employers recruit the best talent for the job.

Hiring Remote Employees for a Job

Remote jobs are on the rise, particularly for companies and startups that are digital - the type that use F6S. F6S has launched new employer and talent candidate features to highlight remote jobs. Our global membership of more than 4 million makes reaching remote job candidates that fit your job listing easy, frictionless and location independent. Hiring remote job candidates isn’t just a good financial decision for many employers. Hiring these remote job candidates also often means getting skills that are unavailable in the employer’s location.

Be a Great Place to Work

It’s not just about an attractive salary any more. Great job candidates are scarce and even before the rise of remote jobs, the competition for candidates was increasingly shifting to highlighting the ability of an employer to deliver job satisfaction and not just the attraction of a high salary. An awesome job  environment is not a nice-to-have - it’s a need to have for employers to attract top job candidates. Job flexibility drives happiness. Employers that provide flexibility (even if not paying their employees more for the job) rate higher in job happiness and satisfaction surveys than less flexible job employers. 

Freelance, Full, and Part-Time Jobs 

Does your startup have job positions that can be outsourced? Often, startups don’t have the resources to set up complete departments within their organizations and end up outsourcing the job to an impanelled list of freelance workers. Startups also find it easier to work with a freelance candidate for the job since the salary paid to a freelance job holder is more cost-effective. If an employer wants a specific person to carry out the job but finds that they are engaged elsewhere, they could consider offering the candidate a part-time job. Startups engage consultancies, experts, and advisors for the job on an assignment basis. By signing up on F6S, companies can enlist positions and vacancies and get access to quality talent. 

Think about the job from the employees point of view

In startup job markets where top talent is scarce, many successful recruiting employers flip their perspective to see the job from the employees point of view. Top job candidates have many options to choose from and providing more tailored benefits, perks, working hours, working locations and a host of other factors that drive talent acquisition and retention is essential to meeting hiring needs. 

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F6S gives startups employers free listings for open job positions. F6S jobs is a powerful platform and community. Employers can list job roles, match to job talent based on salary and use targeted features to recruit  remote positions for jobs that are not location sensitive. 

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