What is an HMRC enquiry?

An enquiry is when HMRC requests more information for all or a portion of your R&D tax credit claim.

An enquiry can lead to many outcomes, some innocuous and others harmful. The best defense against a HMRC enquiry is a well-prepared claim that stands up to scrutiny. HMRC will usually pause your claim processing until you have answered their questions to their satisfaction. Processing of your R&D claim will usually resume if you are able to respond in sufficient detail and on-point to their questions.

Possible outcomes of an inquiry are reduction of your claim, penalties or an all-clear for approval.

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Delays to getting your claim approved or further HMRC action are possible outcomes of an HMRC enquiry. The best way to avoid either scenario is to work with R&D tax credits advisory services professionals.We can help you avoid an enquiry in the first place, or if one has already happened we can help you quickly address HMRC concerns to get your R&D tax credit claim back on track.

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